Contributions This would be the place where I can thanks people who contribute to this application


The more the app grow the more people are giving me help to enhance it again and again. The aim of this page is to mention all those names that contribute to the application.

You want the app in your own language ?

I've released an open source project GoLocalize to managed localizations of FriendCash.

Contribute Now!

So if your language is not currently supported by the app, contribute now and I'll integrate this in the next update.

Wall of fame

Special thanks to Amy, the best beta tester ever! She has the eye for details and the brain for simply things. The app wouldn't be as awesome as it is now without her. So, thank you very much Amy.

Special thanks to Lukas Bestle, who translated the whole application in German and then did the same with this website. The faster translator I've ever seen!

Thanks to all beta testers, managed through the great service TestFlight, they help a lot to resolve application bugs.
So, thanks you beta testers...

  • Amy
  • Stefan
  • Carl
  • Fraser
  • Jonathan
  • Nandakishor
  • Rolf
  • Ulrich
  • Uwe