The features discover the key points of the app

  • new event iphone screenshot

    Create an event

    Set a name
    An optional comment.
    Precise and pick the event currency.
    This is it!

  • iphone contact integration screenshot

    Contact Integration

    FriendCash 2 was built around the Contact integration. Everything is made to speed up the process of adding friends.

    FriendCash is smart enough to show you only "favorites" friends determined by the friends already added to other event in the app. If you want the entire list click on the "Show all contacts" button. Then, select all the friends you want to participate to the event created and you are done.

  • new expense iphone screenshot

    New expense

    You can add an expense from wherever in the app thanks to the bill button you'll find in the bottom bar.

    Again, FriendCash is trying to be smart, if you are in an event view it will preselect the event associated to the new expense you are adding.

    Then, choose who paid for this expense. You can write a note to remember what kind of expense it was and set the date. Set the amount of the expense and split the bill with the friends list below.

    You can adjust their share from one another (check the F.A.Q. to understand the use of shares), or you can set a fixed amount for a person (also check the FAQ's to understand the concept of fixed amount). Last step, save the expense!

  • Dropbox support iphone screenshot

    Dropbox support

    FriendCash is using Dropbox to deliver the best sharing experience. Connect with your dropbox account and you'll be able to backup your data and to share between your iOS devices.

    But even cooler, you'll be able to share an event with other iOS friends that have FriendCash thanks to the Dropbox sharing feature. FriendCash is built upon the famous Dropbox service, so share the folder of an event, move the folder wherever you want on your Dropbox to organize your files, and it will sync automatically. Try it now!

  • pay back friends iphone screenshot

    Restore financial balance

    It's okay to track group expenses, but the actual goal of FriendCash is to help you balance the finance inside your friends.

    So, at anytime you can see what owes people to one another and FriendCash gives you the fastest way to pay back people.

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