FAQ's Frequently Asked Questions

  • How to use shares when splitting a bill ?

    Let's take an example to show you the concept.

    You've booked an hotel room for your friends Kate and Brad, but Brad will stay 3 nights whereas Kate will stay only 2 nights.

    The idea is to set a share of 3 for Brad and a share of 2 for Kate to fairly split the bill. It's like sharing a cake.

  • How to use fixed amount when splitting a bill ?

    Let's say that you've bought a present for your friend Adam for $25 and you want to share the bill between Kate, Brad and you. But Kate can't give more than $5.

    The easiest way to split the bill is to set a fixed amount for Kate and let FriendCash split what is left between you and Brad. You do this by tapping on the amount field associated to Kate and set it to $5.

  • How far is it accurate ?

    FriendCash processing kernel was built with floating point based calculation which avoid rounding errors to distort the amounts calculated. Moreover, it uses the banker's rounding mode for rounding decimal values.

  • How to delete a friend in an event ?

    Select the event in which you want to delete a friend. Then, select the "Friends" tab and swipe with your finger on his name. It will ask you to confirm that you want to delete the friend and all the expenses that he/she paid. Moreover, it will automatically compute again all other expenses because the total number of shares has changed since the friend was deleted.

  • How to disable the sound in the app ?

    Click on the settings button at the bottom right of the app. It brings the application preferences and you can enable or disable sound in the app.

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